…To Live and Train By

Today I was thinking back to the good ole’ days, all those good memories from my high school wrestling team.  The blood, sweat and tears…I really miss those guys!  Years later, I’m still trying to live and train to the same standards we set for ourselves back then.

Our coach would have his son, Zack Randall come in and coach us from time to time.  Zack wrestled at the University of Oklahoma & I got A LOT of technique & inspiration from him.  Among the kazillion things he would say to help us remember technique, there were two things that stood out & were a theme.  Still, to this day, when I’m laying in bed calculating moves, set-ups, & finishes… all the while asking myself, how could I make this “move” work, does it follow Zack’s guidelines?

1) All Good Things Are Done In Angles

2) Space Equals Opportunity

*They are as true as the law of gravity & E=mc^2.

You need a better angle to create the space necessary to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!  You can find this true in all sorts of things: Weight Lifting, Golf, Driving, Politics, Nature… even flipping a pancake or flying an air plane.

However, these things are saying the same thing. Aren’t they? Kind of?

I keep them separate, because they are used at different times. .. other times in reverse.. and other times, you just need one of them.

Some examples:

  • A punch, like a projectile missile! You need the right coordinates.
  • A kick, like a Baseball bat. The space and/or angle predicts if it is a grounder or pop-fly?

Wrestling deals a lot with forward & back pressure…in half circles.  They are all calculated and performed around these two creeds.

I’ve tested these two laws against any and all endeavors. I’ve had a hard time proving them wrong. …Give it a try!

*images are for angle visuals only

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