Kutting Weight Sauna Suit

The idea of cutting weight is to drop (water)weight and fast.  Generally, I’ve called all suits “plastics” due to the fact that we would use trash bags. Wearing these plastic under a sweat suit next to the skin creates a type of green house effect. The heat is trapped in & the body will naturally try to cool itself by sweating.  Inside the suit there’s no where for the heat to go &  the body continues to cool itself.  There are some great uses for this suit besides losing water weight,  like detoxing & speeding up your metabolism.

Below is a video of the first time I was able to get my hands on one of these neoprene Kutting Weight suits.  I hit the workout, as usual, with an expected level of intensity. However, the suit worked so well I needed to shed it half way through in order to finish. It really intensified the workout better than I expected! I was very happy with the results and have been using it ever since and getting more efficient in the way I use it. Also, it’s quality is excellent! I’ve now put a lot of miles on this suit and have had no reason to get another. I take it into the shower with me, wash and let hang to dry.  Also, Kutting Weight now carries pants and have made some great design changes.

In fighting there is a deadline. A certain time and day you have to make an agreed upon weight. As a mention in the video, the pace that this suit works is much faster than other suits I’ve worn. When I fought in Australia for Xtreme MMA, I lost 10 lbs in the first hour using this suit. (video below)  My suggestion is to treat it more like a marathon than a sprint, just give yourself a few hours depending on how hard you think the cut might be.

Vinyl suits are probably the most common used sauna suit and can be found for $10.  Most wrestlers will go threw half a dozen, of these inexpensive suits, in a season. Compared to Kutting Weight’s top at $59.99  & pants at $49.95. For an athletes career, Kutting Weight is the smart buy.

Get your own suit at KuttingWeight.com

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