Smooth Criminal

In training, or even on the dance floor, we’ve all seen”that guy”. You know, the guy who’s trying to be smooth!  …and isn’t!

Too much “try” and forced movement can have yourself looking like a “spaz”. It takes time to develop proper technique, and before people start mistaking you for the next Michael Jordan or James Dean.  Expecting more than you’re ready for will have you mistaken for Screech or Erkel, instead.  I always tell my students to be “A Smooth Criminal”

If you’re not feeling smooth, chances are,  you aren’t…? There are a few things that happen so often, they can be over looked. Here are a few things that might help get your mojo back.
1) Positioning
There’s power in the positioning! … It kind of sounds like I’m saying, “There’s gold in them thar hills!” Which is pretty true!
If you’re taking damage or being scored on, you my friend are out of position. You have to get back into your stance, ASAP!  Go back a couple of squares…all the way back to square one if you have to! When you are in great position, it’s going to be really hard for anybody to score on you.
2) Movement

There are many examples of movement that can affect your “Smooth Criminal” approach.  You have to “Control the Chaos” around you.  There’s plenty of chaos in a fight (as in life), try not to add to it.  Here are two more things about movement that might help you control things now.

  • Keep your feet on the ground!
We all want to look like Mohammed Ali, floating like a butterfly & stinging like a bee! However, to understand what’s going on, we need to slow things down & focus on those small things first. Step-by-step.
If your feet are not on the ground, you’re not really going to hit anybody. A punch needs the resistance from the ground.
ie: –if you’re at the bottom of the swimming pool, in the deep end, you’re going to need a solid footing in order to push yourself back to the surface.
With your feet under control it’s time to look at your head and hand position. You’ll find in striking, there’s a bit of anxiety; hitting and NOT being hit!  Don’t worry, it’s natural to feel this way. Taking damage is not the goal here. So take a deep breath, relax, and smile… knowing that your are still human.
And finally…
  • Avoid being too fancy too soon. (save it for the finale!)

Now that we’ve got your feet on the ground let’s get your head under control. Big head movement is not the best way to start out missing punches. If you do one big movement to the left… then you’ll have to do a big movement to back to center… next it’s big to the right. …. SPAZ!  if you were connecting the dots to draw a circle and only had a few dots (movements), you’d end up with more of a hexagon? With lots of dots (smaller movements) you’ll make a really nice ‘smooth’ circle. …Slow things down!

*It’s the little things that make a big difference.

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