a maybe fight, part 1

Looking to book my next fight. This is the calm before the storm. 

So… a dirty little secret of all fighters, we have injuries. (something I’ll probably post more about later). I’ve had a small injury for some time now. A thorn in the lion’s paw, it has taken me out of practices and has taken a long time to heal. In fact, it’s not 100% yet, but I am getting the itch. The ring beckons!

I have virtually been out for 6 months. The plan has been to slowly add more and more training to my weekly regiment, as I’m able to handle it with out aggravating the injury.  This is by far my longest stint out of the gym since I’ve been fighting. It has shown to have  been good for me in a number of ways.  First off, learning to become selfish. It sounds silly, but being selfish has been one of the hardest things for me to embrace.  Also, I’ve picked up bicycling!  Biking has been good in a lot of different ways and something I am making more apart of my training and every day life. Along with biking, I’ve been limited to mitt work, one of the most sought after pieces of training. A double win for me!! ….I just so happen to have one of the best Striking coaches in the business, Andy Fong.

Now.  I have been going to Team Training, only sparring days for the past 4 weeks, which is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Tuesday’s are wrestling days. Last week I only drilled wrestling. This week I did the whole practice. This might sound easy, but we consider Tuesday, “Hump-day”.  Besides the 20 miles round trip bike ride, Wrestling practice is led by my teammate (2x Olympic Wrestler / Strikeforce Heavy Weight Grand Prix Champion) Daniel Cormier.

Striking wise, I’ve been doing exceptionally well. Feeling like I’ve found a new level. I’m blessed to be in a gym with lots of talented and world ranked fighters. At the moment we have a former K-1 fighter. I’ve been working with him as much as possible!

With my sights set on the next Strikeforce event, I’ve team up with a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nick Jilka. I feel like I know a lot about fitness training, but it’s so great to have somebody who’s as knowledgeable and passionate. This past week we’ve trained twice and I’m really stoked about what we’ve been doing. MMA minded and training with a purpose!

Saturday, I trained my clients and then attended an SVTAGS event “Mobil Feast”.

Sunday. Rest and get ready for the week ahead….

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