a maybe fight, part 2

This week was pretty awesome for me in a few different ways. Number one… Sparring is going AWESOME for me! Even though I had a set back with my injury, you wouldn’t know it. I feel I have truly found a new level! It’s really exciting!

There are some guys you usually have an anxiety about sparring…no matter how little. These days, I haven’t had a whole lot of that. Life is good …No. Life’s great! Since my injury has had a turn for the worse, I refrained from working jiu jitsu. I’m feeling guilty.

On wrestling day, I road my Bike to and from as usual, This time only drilling.

I’ve discussed with my coaches about taking a day off from “hard sparring”. It’s best for me at this point, sparring isn’t my area I need the most improvement in. Putting more time into drilling, strength, & conditioning. Friday is going to be that day. As a whole we’re all a little burnt from a long week of training. The hard sparring isn’t exactly the easiest, and when you’re fatigued is when most injury’s take place. Plus, as a small Middle Weight contender, it gives me a chance to focus on putting on some strength and also adding some yoga. Getting a little ying to my yang! lol!

Saturday: Had a flat tire on my bike this week and after the tough time it gave me changing it, I’m looking forward to a nice long bike ride at Nisene Marks!! …..That damn tire! Felt like I need my “Man-Card” hole-punched or something!? (ha ha!)

Woke up to teaching two private lessons. Followed by attending AKA’s annual BBQ!

… I am tired as hell! It must be the okie in me, I just love “shaking hands & kissing babies”. Makes be feel good to find out what’s going on with the people I only sometimes see at the gym. I love seeing them, they love being apart of it…and I love them for that! And I love being apart of this whole thing! …. -Life is good.


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