a maybe fight, part 3

Monday… what can I say?  Today, sparring was okay…?  The main guy I’m sparring today has been doing lots of extra workouts, so he’s pretty dialed in. -Good times. *hint: he has a fight this weekend.

All in all, this was a pretty good day. Working my timing with different combo’s and integrating some takedowns. Only frustration was some timing being off.

After this I headed to Overtime Fitness for some Strength & Conditioning training. We worked TRX & did lots of core exercises. I stayed and attended their Jiu Jitsu class, something I’ve been neglecting because of my previous injury. It feels good to be on the mat! Oh how I’ve missed it!

Tuesday.. Started a new client. That’s always fun! I get a kick out of reading people & them reading me too. As for my own training…. Rrrr! It looks like the August fight card is full. No Fight.  That’s the way things go. I just have to trust that God has a plan. Meanwhile I’ll keep sharpening my skills. Keep working on this blog…keep putting pressure forward!


I’ve recently been asked to be apart of two separate seminars. It is funny how things happen in multiples. Both are asking me to show some of my favorite Wrestling techniques. It feels good to get back to something I spent the first half of my life doing. In MMA, striking and submissions get much more of the spot light.  It’s my opinion that Wrestling is the backbone of MMA.

…..The saga continues.

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