Picture me Rolling’

Have you ever noticed that some days have a theme? Something random that people say or do? A topic(s) that keep coming up? Well, today I’m noticing a theme. It came to light when discussing with a client on how to roll under a punch. The conversation shortly went to the idea of sacrificing for a greater good.

When you’re talking about slipping and rolling around punches, you’re getting into what I consider a senior level type of striking. It’s like being in the rain …and not getting wet! A common mistake is trying too hard and wanting the other guy to miss.. and miss BIG! This isn’t realistic. Chances are you’re going to get hit at least a little bit. Remember, results matter! And damn sure don’t forget, you are in a fight! When your thoughts go to getting out of the way of a punch, that’s exactly what you do… get out of the way, of ONE punch. Missing punches is part of what we’re trying to do, but not at any cost. There are more punches on their way.

This leads to the conversation, my client & I were having, of pulling your boot straps up. Not excepting the one time benefit because it’s the easiest option. The common reaction is to get out of the way of danger coming at us. We’ve made the decision to fight, you’d better do it right! So, while you’re pulling those boot straps up and positioning yourself in the fight, you’d better have a whole lot of patience. You’ve got to ingrain these habits’ until they become instinctual. Furthermore, you’re in a fight! You’re going to get hit! You’re better to slip & roll punches in fractions.

“just take the heat off of it.”-Andy Fong.

The more control you have with a little, the better you’ll handle things when you have a lot. And that’s IF you ever get a lot. If not, it’s all good because you’re prepared for that. Right? You have to be prepared to lose everything and at that point you’ll be much happier with just a little. In retrospect (and maybe this has happened for you) when by chance you make an opponent whiff that big punch… can you be ready to make the most of that moment?!?

To roll a punch, you want the movement smooth and rolling. Punches are coming at you. The tendency is to get out of the way…really fast. That will make the movement hard and choppy . Be patient. Perry each punch first. Then it’s the head that moves, just as much as the hands. Bend your knees not your waste and roll in a smooth circular motion. I like to visualize the rolling of the ocean waves.

This is the theme of today. Have fun with it!


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