Power in the Positioning


First things first!

Positioning is everything! ….If you’re out of position, well, there’s not a whole lot you can do!?!

There are many different school’s of thought on this. Makes for good dinner conversation, debating over which style is best. It’s part of the reason MMA is so much fun! Dabbling in all the different styles. The sport is still young and things are being figured out. Basically, if it doesn’t work, you’ll find out real quick! If it works, KEEP IT!

Here are some basic concepts that have worked for me. From the ground up. *like building a house.

Feet placement: You want your feet in a comfortable place. If you’re not comfortable it’s going to be difficult to do much else.  There is no such thing as perfect, just the idea of perfect, which we always try to get closer to. Getting closer to the bullseye. So within reason we want to always be in position. Your feet, just wider than shoulders.  This is going to set your stances base! *Building your house on a sturdy foundation.

Okay, now lower your level. When I talk about “Level” in positioning, I’m talking about your hips. Your belt-line. To avoid folding over at the waist give the knee’s a slight bend.

Slouch.. or roll your shoulders forward, rounding the back. You can’t make your arms longer, but you can shrink the length of your torso. This is where all your vital organs are… you’ll want to protect these. Average people walk down the sidewalks, standing straight up. If you see somebody walking down the sidewalk in a fighter’s position, you might want to watch out!?!

Example: Like a spring! if you put pressure and condense the spring you give it energy to snap back. if you stretch it out, it’s just a piece of wire?

Elbows in! Rest them on your ribs. … And finally, Chin down! *Tuck your chin and give your opponent a stern look.

This stance should not be as low as a Wrestler or as tall as a Muay Thai Kickboxer, but somewhere in between. *Closer to a Boxer.

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