Knee Pick

Start with an Over & Under hook.

Wrestlers are very technical & creative creatures. Most technique has very intricate meaning. For example an “Over & Under” (short version) gets it’s name because you have one arm in an over hook position and your other arm is in an under hook position. Ha!  …. And if for some reason you goof it, make a “U” shape with one arm & that’s your Under hook.

This position is often called a 50/50,  since they have exactly what you have, no obvious advantages. There are ways to dominate in this position. In this blog we’re going to focus on the under hook side.

We’re going to want our head on the same side as the under hook. To do this we’re going to change level and bring our head under theirs & place your forehead to their temple.  You can get pretty aggressive in this.  Under hook position can be very strong & dominating. Compared in the over & under, the under hook is stretch out and weak.  You can probably hold a 100 lbs dumbbell close to your body, but if you extend your arm out straight… you’ll have a much harder time holding that weight. If you’d rather not lift the weight, click here for a few Power Ratio‘s if you’d like to test the math? (have fun!).

So remember…

  1. Head on the same side as the Under hook.
  2. Head on the same side as the Under hook.
  3. Head on the same side as the Under hook.

Use half circles …to create angles and to bring the knee to you. Your level should already be lowered at this point your going to grab the knee at the tendon behind the knee. God put that there so you’d have a handle to grab! Now you can put your running shoes on and RUN through your opponent!

A common mistake here is to pull the shoulder with your under hook down and towards the knee you’re picking. Instead you should shoot your arm out & with a big proud chest, blast through them. Don’t over complicated it. Keep it simple. To caption the picture below; “I’m taking out this much of the person.”

3 responses to “Knee Pick

  1. Nate, great article. Got the link from your brother Jeff’s Facebook, he works with my
    9yr old here in OK. Question: what should the over-hook arm/hand be doing once you’ve picked the knee & going into the finish?

    • John.. Thank you. The common mistake here is pulling the arm/hand towards the knee. -I teach to shoot this arm out as if you’re throwing a shot-put, keeping a big strong chest & shoulder. This will help you really run through your opponent with some authority.

    • John, I misread… Your “Overhook” side should be switching to an elbow or shoulder control. Either grab that knob on the elbow or the rear delt muscle. Both are handles God has put there for us to use. As you circle you’ll want to pull this handle to you, cause them to step. …That’s when you blast through! I hope this helps. Cheers!

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