I’m hoping to share my journey with all of you.  I have been told, I have a pretty interesting story..? I’m inclined to believe that. LOL!  But don’t take my word for it, or their’s! -You be the judge..

I am a professional, Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) Fighter. I fight for an organization called Strikeforce which is owned by Zuffa Entertainment, otherwise known as UFC.  I train at the best MMA gym in the world, American Kickboxing Academy (AKA).

If you haven’t noticed, I live in a world of nicknames & acronyms, similes  & metaphors.  You’ve been warned, so you might want tokeep a dictionary near by, Webster & Slang.

Okay, let me roll my sleeves up, get down to business, so you can get caught up on who I am & what makes me tic…

*Here’s the cliff note version; Motion picture to be released at a later date.

Throughout high school I was active in Football, Wrestling, and Track & Field.  I did really well in most sports I played.  As I ended my 9th grade year of High School, my Wrestling coach sat me down to talk about College. He said, “You’re good at these sports, however in wrestling, I think you could have a real chance to do something great”.  I decided that wrestling would be the vehicle that would get me to and through college.  I would later, as a senior, early signed to Georgia State University as a bluechip high school wrestler.  GSU would however, drop their wrestling program after my first year.  I then transferred to Lindenwood University.  LU’s wrestling program had finished last in national competition the previous year.  I then played a key role, along side head coach Joe Parisi, in building the program into National Champions three years later.  I then continued into graduate school, and as an assistant Coach, helped Coach LU to a Runner-up national finish.

I then entered the work force.  Having little luck finding anything that created such a fire inside. …Until getting involved with a group of guys doing Jiu-Jitsu and who wanted to fight in MMA.  I ended up fighting before any of them and took home my first win. …That was it! I was hooked!  Two more wins and six months later I would leave my job and take the plunge into MMA as my career.

I joined ‘USA Stars’ the premier martial arts gym in the Oklahoma City area.  Without that gym and their support I might not be here now.  They actually fundraised for me to later relocate.  Collectively saying, “Get out of here…and go make us proud”.

I started off fighting as much as possible to build experience, a record, and to pay bills.  A year later I found represented by Zinkin Entertainment and then relocated to San Jose, CA.

I’ve always felt like a professional athlete. Always dreamed of being in the NFL.  Some where between “doing the right things” such as, getting a degree and a job my grandmother would be proud of (she is not a fan of MMA) … Here I am, a professional athlete. …and I have never been more happy!

Furthermore, I entered wrestling in the 1st grade after insisting to my parents to sign me up for karate.  I was fascinated with movies like “Enter the Dragon” & “Snake Fist”.  However there was no karate in Calumet, OK, a population 800 town. So they signed me up for little league wrestling. …It really feels like I’ve come full circle.

I hope this has given you an idea of where I have came from & who I am.  Subscribe to my Blog & follow me on Twitter and stay in the know!

6 responses to “About

  1. Nate- I love it, love it! This shows you as a real, down to earth person. Your video describing your love of MMA actually made me cry- I could feel the passion you have for the sport, you connected here. I look forward to reading and learning more. Someday, when I decide to stop competing, it would be fun to train with you, but until then, I will follow your successes.

  2. Great meeting you yesterday at Whole Foods! It was great talking about workouts, diets and training! Hope you guys have a great Christmas! Take care, Dave

  3. I attend your class at Just Breathe and helps me with my weight training. Most of all you are a very instructor, no air and not big headed! I really enjoy your class.

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