6 responses to “Personal Training

  1. Hello Nate,
    I used to train with Jerome on stand up and Dave on BJJ…stopped for a while (since late 2012).
    I am thinking of training twice a week in MMA – one on one.
    Please advise if you have availability and your coaching rate?
    Preferred location: Cambrian.
    Thank you, Sir.
    – Vincent

  2. Hi Nate,

    My name is Betty Hancock, and I’m reaching out because I see that you’re an experienced personal trainer in the bay area. I work for Learnivore.com and we have an opportunity for athletic instructors that I think you’ll be interested in. Learnivore.com is a marketplace that connects students and instructors in the arts, academics and ATHLETICS. It’s a great way for advanced instructors to further their personal businesses or promote the facilities they work for, and it’s also a great way for new instructors to gain experience and meet new clients. Students can confirm instructors, post reviews, and write endorsements. It is 100% free to sign up, so just consider it a free opportunity to market and advertise yourself as an instructor. Let me know if you have any questions but we hope to see you on the site soon! Have a great day!


  3. Hello Nate,

    Looks like you’ll be training over in Sunnyvale for Amazaon employees. I am a contractor, so i don’t think I can participate. However, I would be interested in some one on one training, depending on the price. Please get back to me.

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